Phase 2 Temple Reopening 第二阶段 - 寺庙开放

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Dear devotees, we will be reopening our doors officially on 6th July, which is the auspicious day of the birthday of His Holiness Dalai Lama!

Before you head down to the temple, do take note of the following safety measures we have put in place to keep everyone safe.

1. Mandatory temperature check, use of hands sanitizer provided and checked in with SafeEntry Pass before entering.

2. Temple's Main Hall will allow 7 devotees at any one time. Please be patient with us if you’re required to queue for your turn to enter.

3. Do wear a mask and observe 1m social distancing at all times.

4. Do observe the directional signs marked on the floor to guide you before and after entry.

5. If you’re unwell, please seek medical attention and rest at home.

6. We will continue to broadcast teachings and Pujas until further notice.

7. Consultation with Rinpoche will still be done online.

8. Temple hotlines are available if you wish to register for Pujas or events.

9. Our temple main hall opening hours are between 11am - 7pm daily.

For further enquiries or registration of events and pujas, you may contact us @ +65 9898 1636 and we are most glad to assist you.

Thank you for your cooperation and keeping everyone safe!


敬爱的信众们,本寺将在 7月 6日即法王达赖喇嘛诞辰当天,正式开放!


1. 在进入本寺大殿前,请务必接受体温监测,采用我们所提供的消毒洗手液和登入 SafeEntry Pass。

2. 在任何时段,本寺只允许共 7 位信众待在大殿里,其余的人须排队进入,感恩大家的耐心等待。

3. 务必戴上口罩并与他人保持 1 米的距离。

4. 请遵守标记在本寺地上的安全指标。

5. 如果您感到任何不适,请即刻就医并在家休息。

6. 我们将继续在线上直播佛法开示与法会,直到另行通知。

7. 上师咨询将继续以在线方式为您服务。

8. 您可通过本寺热线服务,报名法会或任何活动。

9. 本寺的开放时间为上午 11 点至晚上 7 点

如有任何询问或有关报名法会等,请拨打热线 +65 9898 1636,我们将尽力为您服务。


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