An Audience with the Healing Oracle

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What is an Oracle?

An Oracle is a practitioner, who is either born by lineage, or chosen to be a blessed medium, to be possessed by a divine being. He/ She is able to foretell your future, answer your personal questions and can diagnose and even cure your physical and mental ailments.  



The Oracle practice is mystical for the rational and practical for the faithful. 

Tsewang Dolma, also known as Agu Lhamo, is probably the most famous oracle in Ladakh, India. Practicing as an oracle for more than 30 years in Ladakh and Europe, she has helped, healed and guided many people. Before being approved officially as an oracle by the highest ranking Lama of Ladakh, she had to undergo three years of intensive training under the guidance of a senior oracle, cultivate and learn the Buddhist scriptures, tantric practices and meditations, and methods for becoming a vessel for her deity.

While in trance, The Deity heals by sucking out disease-causing substances from the patients, using a straw or pipe and placing it directly against the ailing body parts for example, the chest of a patient suffering from asthma. She then spit the polluted substances, usually black, brown or yellow mucus or little tar like pieces into a pail and shows them to the patient.

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敇旺朵玛又名阿古拉姆是印度拉达克最著名的降神使者。身为降神使者已有逾30年年之久,在拉达克和欧洲帮助和医治了许多人。在成为降神使者前,她必须经由一位拉达克的高僧来认证,并通过一位资深的降神使者(为期3年的时间)来教导她各种佛教经 文,密乘修行,禅坐和技巧来成为一名能与护法神沟通的媒介。