Chinese New Year

Celebrating Joy · Igniting Hope · Preserving Culture  

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Welcoming Lunar New Year of the Auspicious Rabbit

Come celebrate with us the most important occasion in the Chinese Tradition. Experience the fun and loving Thekchen Choling Singapore family spirit as you enjoy the festive season together with Singha Rinpoche and everyone! Get ready for a prosperous and meaningful New Year!  Enjoy fun-filled lion dance performances and experience the splendor of spring celebrations!

Living a Better & Meaningful Life

A new year, a new beginning. There is no better way to start a new lunar year than to give the best to ourselves and our loved ones. Come share this journey of growth and development together with us, starting from this Chinese New Year!

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Prayers to Lord Kalachakra

4 Feb to 4 Mar 2023

Offer 'Prayers to Lord Kalachakra' to request for pacification of astrological harm including clashes with Taisui. 

*Online registration option is available, prayers will be recited on behalf by our Sanghas.

➤ Check almanac for animal signs that clashes with Taisui 

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Requesting for Benefactors Day

6 to 19 Mar 2023

Make requests to Guru Rinpoche to create the cause for having the support of benefactors in your pursuits.

*This prayer is only available on-site for devotees.

 ➤ Check almanac for animal signs that clashes with Scheming characters



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Auspicious Fortune Bag

Date of collection: 22 Jan to 5 Feb 2023

Offering gleaming grains of rice symbolises the offering of precious gems and jewels to all Buddhas, creating the cause of prosperity and good quality of life! These Fortune Bags will be offered and blessed by Singha Rinpoche for devotees to bring back on the first day of the Chinese New Year. Acquiring a Fortune Bag symbolises the ushering in of prosperity and auspiciousness to bring about many gains, great fulfillment and a year of bumper harvest!  Limited quantity. By pre-order only.

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