Thekchen Choling is dedicated to supporting the current and future generations, both in Singapore and around the world. As part of our commitment, we are embarking on a transformative Temple Expansion Project, which begins with the revitalisation of our existing building through an addition and alteration (A&A) project. This endeavour will give our temple a fresh and captivating look, combining elements of modernity with the richness of ancient design.

The renewed two-story temple will provide an enhanced space for children, youth, and adults to partake in their Buddha Dharma activities. With the capacity of the hall space doubled, individuals of all ages can now engage in their practices and ceremonies in a more comfortable and accommodating environment. Notably, a remarkable feature of this project will be the creation of the Amitabha Buddha Skylight Relic Hall—a serene and blessed space that exudes beauty and tranquility.

We sincerely invite you to join us in making this project a resounding success for all. Your generous donations, according to your means, will play a crucial role in bringing our vision to life and creating a vibrant and inclusive sanctuary for everyone. Together, let us contribute to the flourishing of the temple and the well-being of all who seek solace and enlightenment within its walls. 

A&A Offering Items

Various meritorious offering items can be offered for this A&A project. If you are interested to donate a meritorious offering item, please click the link below to select the item that you wish to donate to.

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