Qing Ming Festival

Season of Gratitude and Remembrance  

26 March to 9 April 2022                                                                                                  

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Q ing Ming - a Chinese tradition that has deep cultural roots - is a time for us to show gratitude and pay respects to our ancestors and dearly departed ones. Join us in the remembrance and repayment of the kindness of ancestors and loved ones, by participating in the memorial services and dedicating merits to them.
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Is it necessary to pass on the culture of participating in traditional festivals?
How does Buddhism explain family life and companionship?
Everything can be an attachment, and in Samsara, nothing really works.
By understanding these in the right view, we can truly understand and feel ourselves, thus developing true realization from our practices.

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Qing Ming Festival Opening 2022

Let us remember & express gratitude to our departed loved ones, something we pass down to our next generation - the precious virtue of filial piety and the importance of treasuring kinship.


Purpose of Writing Dedication tablets

Find out why we write dedication tablets during prayer and puja sessions.


Qing Ming Festival Finale 2021

Check out the Qing Ming festival finale for 2021.

Special Highlights

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Gratitude & Remembrance Package

Request our Sanghas to pray for your loved ones through our Gratitude & Remembrance Package. Each package comes with 10 offerings and a special prayer that our Sagha will recite accordingly to the name or tablet indicated. Sign up to dedicate prayers for a good rebirth for your Ancestors, Dearly departed loved ones, Unfortunate Unborn, Past creditors or wandering spirits

Closing date 截止日期: 7/4/2022 (Thur), 6pm

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Bountiful Food Offerings

Practice generosity by making bountiful food offerings! With the recitation of mantras and prayers by Singha Rinpoche and Sanghas, these offerings will be visualised as wonderful delicacies that will be offered to the Three Jewels and all sentient beings in the ten directions. Upon completion of the ceremony, all food items will be donated to charity, making it even more meritorious!

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Exquisite Ceremonial Offerings

There will be elaborate shrine offerings in the main hall before the Dharma Throne with ceremonial wares holding light, incense, flowers, fruits and vegetarian delicacies. These will be offered to all Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, realised masters, protectors and celestial beings. Through this offering, may you have a deep connection with Buddha and have all aspirations fulfilled!

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Uncle Douglas 

~ a Senior Disciple and Mentoring Senior of Chinese Chanting Class

Many from the younger generation find it hard to understand the purpose of the chanting rites. Many are foreign to the culture or unfamiliar with the prayers. It is very important for us to share with you that these should not stop you from stepping up and finding out more with us. With our qualified Sangha and many seniors who are always ready to help answer your query, come spend time with us as we find both understanding and personal meaning in the prayers, chanting and rites.

Remembering Qing Ming

The Qing Ming Festival may be a traditional Chinese festival, deeply rooted in the Chinese culture, but it is not just an occasion where we give reverence to our own ancestors. It is also a time where we dedicate prayers to our loved ones who have passed on, and to remember and share our love with those who are karmically linked to us. Come join us as we perform both Tibetan and Chinese transmigratory prayers for all sentient beings.

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