A Gift of Light

A Light For You

There are great benefits in making light offerings to the Triple Gem. One of our lineage gurus, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, gave an extensive explaination on the benefit of offering lights to the rare subline ones.

                      In general, all the collections of goodness of samsara and nirvana are the result of having made offerings to the Triple Gem. In particular, one receives different benefits bydoing service with each of the various individual offerings.
                      Buddha announced in the“Tune of Brahma” Sutra Clarifying Karma that there are ten benefits of making light offerings:

                      One becomes like the light in the world.
                      One achieves the clairvoyance of the pure flesh eye [as a human].
                      One achieves the devas’ eye.
                      One receives the wisdom of knowing what is virtue and  what is non-virtue.
                      One is able to eliminate the darkness of ignorance, the concept of inherent existence.
                      One receives the illumination of wisdom, even in samsara one never experiences darkness.
                      One receives great enjoyment wealth.
                      One is reborn in the deva or human realms.
                      One quickly becomes liberated.
                      One quickly attains enlightenment.
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                      A Light For Your Loved Ones

                      We live in an environment with various challenges and each of our needs may be unique and different from others. The ability to connect, pray and offer lights to specific Buddhas are made easily for you and your love ones according to your needs. With as little as 27 cents a day, you will be able to make offerings to these Buddhas and light up the for Yearly Auspicious Lights. Register online today and an additional lotus candle light will be offered to all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas on your birthday month!

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