Averting the Enemies of Gossip - Mikha Prayer

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1. Averting The Enemies Of Gossip Mikha Prayer (Mi - Kha Dha - Dhok Dor - Du Sok - So)

3. 3 Avert all of the negative rumors and gossip in the sun's four cardinal and eight intermediate directions! Send away, send away all enemies and negative spirits who hold on to malicious intent! Throw them out! Throw them out! Envelop them! Envelop them ! Be gone! Be gone! Jho! Jho! Avert! Avert! Jho! May they be averted! Dependent Arising Mantra Om Ye Dharma Hetu Parbhawa, Hetun Teshan Tathagato Heya Wadat, Teshan Tsayo Nirodha Ewam Wadi Maha Sramana Ye Svaha Romanaize Tibetan was compiled and edited by Namdrol Rinpoche in the Western year 2015 on the 27th of August, which is Tibetan Wood Sheep Year 2142 on the 13th day of the 7th Tibetan month. Translate into English by Erick Tsiknopoulos 2 Beatty Lane, Singapore 209945 Tel: +65 64663720 www.thekchencholing,org

2. 2 Averting The Enemies Of Gossip Mikha Prayer (Mi - Kha Dha - Dhok Dor - Du Sok - So) Rang - Nyi Thuk - Je Chen - Po Thug - Ka - Nay O - Zer Jang - Gu Thro - Pay Tham - Ngen Mig - Kha Tham - Chay Dhok - Par - Gyur Generating as Chenrizig, from one’s white heart, green lights emanate out. Dispelling all gossips and negativities, from all those who dislike us. Om Mani Padme Hung Hrih! Om Ah: Avert all trouble - making, negative rumors and gossip! Rili!Rili! Om Maha D heva ; Enemies, Nitrini ! Completely sever their life - force! Jho! Destroy all malicious bad rumors! The enemy of malicious bad rumors, Maraya! Overtake them! Overtake them! Be gone! Be gone! Send away! Send away! Throw out! Throw out! Jho! Jho! Avert! Avert the negative rumors of a hundred! Avert the lying lips of a thousand! Avert the hundred mouths immaculately! Avert the thousand mouths comprehensivel y! Avert the various kinds of illnesses! Avert the various kinds of enemies! Avert the various kinds of disputes! Avert the various kinds of thieves! Avert the various kinds of wars!


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