Morning & Shakyamuni Buddha Prayer (Eng)

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13. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 12

3. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 2 Holding the eight sublime emblems: the precious umbrella, the auspicious golden fishes, the wish - fulfilling vase of goodness, the exquisite kamala flo wers, the conch of fame and glory, the excellent knot of prosperity, the eternal banner of victory, and the all - powerful wheel; Homage to these Eight Auspicious Goddesses: Beauty, Garland, Song, Dance, Flowers, Incense, Light and Perfume! Just thinking of your essential qualities makes success grow more and more! The great Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu, and Indra; the Kings of the Four Directions: Dhritirashtra, Virudhaka, Virupaksha, the Lord of Nagas; and Vaishramana - each one holding your divine em blem: the wheel, trident, conch shell, vajra, vina, sword, stupa and banner of victory! I pay homage to the Eight Guardians of the World who make auspiciousness and prosperity grow in the three realms! * With all obstacles and harmful influences pacified , may the work we are now about to begin meet with ever growing fulfilment and success, and bring good fortune, prosperity, happiness and peace for all! ( * Recite the last verse 3 times) If you recite this when you arise, you will accomplish all your aim s for that day. If you recite this when you go to sleep, you will experience excellent dreams. If you recite this when you go to war, you will be victorious. If you recite this when you begin an activity, what you wish for will increase. If you recite this daily, longevity, glory, fame, prosperity, auspiciousness, happiness, and excellence will all be accomplished abundantly in accordance with your

6. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 5 The Great Cloud of Blessings The Prayer which Magnetizes All that Appears and Exists by Mipham Rinpoche Om Ah Hung Hrih ! In the palace of power, the blazing of great bliss, Are the embodiments of the wisdom of discernment, union of bliss and emptiness: Each on a lotus, its nature bliss free from all attachment, And the splendour of a great, illuminating vajra sun — Dharmakaya Amitabha and Vajradharma, Avalokiteshvara, Lord o f the World, the ver y manifestation of compassion, Pema Gyalpo, all of samsara and nirvana beneath your control, Powerful heruka Hayagriva, subjugator of all that appears and exists, ‘Secret Wisdom’ (Guhyajnana) and Vajravarahi, Döpé Gyalpo, King of Desi re, ecstasy supreme, source of the wisdom of great bliss, Kurukulla, who captivates the mind of every living being without exception, Masters and mistresses of supreme and ordinary mudras, dancing in bliss and emptiness, Hosts of vajra dakas and dakinis attract and magnetize! Remaining always within the state of great equality of appearance and emptiness, With the dance of your vajra body, you cause the three planes of existence to tremble; With the sound of your laughter, your unceasing enlightened speec h, you draw in the three worlds; Rays of red light burst out to fill all of samsara and nirvana , And cause the vital essence of conditioned existence and

23. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 22 Homage to the Buddha (x 3, 7, 21 or 108 times) Feel d ivine golden light from the heart of Lord Buddha flowing into you and in spiring oneself as you recite h is holy mantra . To the Guru and founder, the endowed transcendent destroyer, the one gone beyond, the foe destroyer, the completely perfected, fully - awakened being, T he glorious conquerors, the subduer from the Shakya clan, I prostrate go for refuge and make offerings. Please bless me and inspire me to be come like you!

2. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 1 Praises to the Eight Noble Auspicious Ones P’hag - Pa Tra - Shi Gyed - Pa’i Tsig - Su Ched - Pa Zhug - So It is very important to recite this through once before beginning any activity. Whatever project, it will work out exactly as you wish. OM! Homage to the Buddha, Dharma and Noble Sangha; and all that dwell in the auspicious realms of the ten directions, where all appearance and existence is completely pure, its nature spontaneously perfect; m ay all be auspicious for us! Bless us Dronmey Gyalpo, Tsalten Dondrub, Jampa’i Gyenpal, and Gedrag Paldampa. Gyacher Dragpa, who loves all sentient beings; Tsaldrag Pal, whose compassion is as high as Mount Sumeru; Drag - Pa’i Pal, who cares for everyone, and Tsal - Rab Drag - Pal, who brings satisf action to all beings; just hearing your names increases glory, auspiciousness and success! We pay homage to these Eight Sugatas! The youthful Manjushri, glorious Vajrapani, Avalokiteshvara, Lord Maitreya, Kshitigarbha, Nivaranaviskambin, Akashagarbha, and the most noble Samantabhadra: Homage to these Eight Bodhisattvas, who are supreme in granting auspiciousness and success; gracefully holding your emblems: the utpala flower, vajra, white lotus, naga - tree, wish - fulfill jewel, moon, sword, and sun! Making offerings to the Buddhas of all directions and the times are the goddesses, the ‘creators of delight,’

16. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 15 Blessing, Purification and Actual Offering D harani of the O fferings ( x 3) Om Ah Hung Om Namo Bhagawate Bendzay Sarwa Parma Dana Tathagataya Arhate Samyaks am Buddhaya Tayatha Om Bendzay Bendzay Maha Bendzay Maha Tadzya Bendzay Maha Bidya Bendzay Maha Bodhicitta Bendzay Maha Bodhi Mando Pasam Kramana Bendzay Sarva Karma Avarana Bisho Dana Bendzay Soha Power of the T ruth Hung ! Through the power of the truth of the Three Jewels, T he power of the inspiration of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, T he power of the unlimited energy of the completed two collections, A nd the power of the intrinsically pure and inconceivable sphere of reality which is the nature of emptiness, May these offerings become s uchness.

15. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 14 * The seven limbs are: 1. Praise and prostration 2. Offerings 3. Confession and regret 4. Rejoicing 5. Requesting the Buddhas to remain 6. Requesting to turn the wheel of Dharma 7. Dedication Offering Prayer May offering substances human and divine, T hose actually presented here and those, Emanated and visualiz ed, clouds of offerings of unsurpassed Samantabhadra qualities fill the entire space of the ten directions. Lha - Dang Mi - Yi Cho - Pay Dzay Ngo - Su Sham - Dang Yi - Kyi Trul Kun - Zang Cho - Trin La - Na May Nam - Kay Kam - Kun Kyab - Gyur Chig

17. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 16 Hung! Kon - Chog Sum - Gyi Den - Pa Dang Sang - Gye - Dang Jang - Chub Sem - Pa Tam - Chay - Kyi Jin - Gyi Lab - Dang Tsog - Nyi Yong - Su Dzog - Pay Nga - Tang Chen - Po - Dang Cho - Kyi Ying - Nam Par - Dag - Ching Sam - Gyi Mi - Kyab - Pay Tob - Kyi Day - Zhin Nyi - Du Gyur - Chig

22. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 21 Request to turn the wheel of Dharma Je - Tsu n La - Ma Dam - Pa Khye - Nam - Kyi Please, holy perfect, pure gurus , Ch o - Kui Kha - La Khyen - Tsey C hu - Dzin - T rig From billowed clounds of compassion and wisdom in the sky of dharmakaya, J i - Tar Ts am - Pay Dul - Je Dzin - Ma - La Make rainfalls of profound and extensive te achings of whatever is suitable, Z ab - Gye Cho - Kyi Ch ar - Pa r Wab - Tu - Sol For the ears of sentient beings who are the objects to be subdued . Request for the Lama to remain long Je - Tsun La - May Ku - Ts e Rab - Tan - Ching May my venerable Guru’s life be firm, Nam - Kar Trin - La y C hong - Chur Gya - Pa - Dang His white divine actions spread in the ten directions Lo - Zang Tan - Pay Dron - Me Sa - Sum - Gyi And the torch of Losang’s teachings, Dro - Wai Mun - Sel Tag - Tu Ney - Gyur - Chig Dispelling the three world’s beings darkness, always remain. Om Idam Guru Ratna Mandalakam Nirya Tayami !

30. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 29 Long Vajrasattva Mantra Om Bendza Satto Samaya Manu Pala ya Bendza Satto Ten op a T ita Dridho Me Bhawa Sutto Kayo Me Bhawa Supo Kayo Me Bhawa Anurakto Me Bhawa Sarwa Siddhi Me Prayatza Sarwa Karma Sutz a Me Tzitam Shriyam Kuru Hung Ha Ha Ha Ha Ho Bhagawan Sarwa Tathagata Bendza Ma Me Muntz a Bendza Bhawa Maha Samaya Satto Ah Hung Phet Migstema Prayer Avalokiteshvara, great treasure of non - objectifying compassion; Manjushri, powerful and stainless wisdom; Vajrapani, destroyer of the multitude of maras, Tsong Khapa, crown ornament of the learned ones in the snowland; Losang Dragpa, I m ake request at your feet. Mi g - May Tser - Way Ter - Chen Chen - Re Zig Dri - May Kyen - Pay Wang - Po Jam - Pel Yang Du - Pung Ma - Lu Jom - Dza Sang - Way Dak Gang - Chen Kay - Pay Tsug - Kyen Tsong - Kha Pa Lo - Zang Drag - Pay Zhab - La Sol - Wa Deb ~ May all be Auspicious! ~

9. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 8 Morning and Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers Multiplying Virtues Mantra (x 7 ) Om Sambhara Sambhara Vimana Sara Maha Ja v a Hung Om Smara Smara Vimana Sar a M aha Jav a Hung Mantra to Increase the Merit of Recitation (x 7) Tadyatha Om Dhare Dhare Ben Dhare Svaha The Mala Bless ing Mantra (x 7) Om Rucir a Mani Pravartaya Hung Refuge (x 3 ) Guru is Buddha Guru is Dharma Guru is Sangha also Guru is the source of all (goodness and happiness). To all Gurus I go for refuge La - Ma Sang - Gye La - Ma Cho Day - Zhin La - Ma Gen - Dun Te Kun - Gyi Je - Po La - Ma Te La - Ma Nam - La Kyab - Su Chi Refuge (x 3 ) I take refuge in the Gurus I take refuge in the Buddhas I take refuge in the Dharma I take refuge in the Sangha Namo Gurubhya Namo Buddhaya Namo Dharmaya Namo Sanghaya

19. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 18 15 . Pag Sam - Gyi - Shing In the south is the wish - granting tree 16 . Do Jo - I Ba In the west is the wish - granting cow 17 . Ma - Mo Pa - I Lo - Tog In the north is the harvest that needs no cultivation Second ring 18 . Kor - Lo Rin - Po Che Here is the precious wheel 19 . Nor - Bu Rin - Po Che Here is the precious jewel 20 . Tsun - Mo Rin - Po Che Here is the precious queen 21 . Lon - Po Rin - Po Che Here is the precious minister 22 . Lang - Po Rin - Po Che Here is the precious elephant 23 . Ta - Chog Rin - Po Che Here is the precious and best of horses 24 . Mag - Pon Rin - Po Che Here is the precious general 25 . Ter - Chen Po - i Bum - Pa Here is the great treasure vase Third ring 26 . Geg - Ma Here is the goddess of beauty 27 . Treng - Wa - Ma Here is the goddess of garlands 28 . Lu - Ma Here is the goddess of song

21. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 20 Nam - La Zhing - Kam Ul - War Gyi - Wo I offer this pure and beautiful collection to you Tug - Je Dro - Way Dön - Du Zhe - Su - Sol In your compassion accept what I offer for the sake of all beings Z he - Nay Dag - Sog Sem - Chen Tam - Che - La Having accepted these, to myself and to all beings Tug - Tse - Wa Chen - Poi Go - Nay J in - Gyi Lab - Tu Sol Please grant your blessings through your great compassion. The short mandala of seven heaps Sa - Zhi Po - Kyi Jug - Shing Me - Tog - Tram This ground, an ointed with perfume, strewn with flowers , Ri - Rab Ling - Zhi Nyi - Day Gyen - Pa - Di Adorned with Mount Meru, four continents, Sun and Moon, S ang - Gay Zhing - Du Mig - Te Ul - War - Gyi I offer in visualization as Field of Buddhas. Dro - Kun Nam - Dag Zhing - La Chö - Par - Shog May all sentient beings thus enjoy this Pure Land! Inner mandala Da g - Gi Chag - Dang Mong - Sum Kye - Pay - Yul The objects of my attachment, anger and ignorance, Dr a - Nyen Bar - Sum Lu - Dang Long - Cho - Che My body, my wealth and enjoyments, Pang - Pa Me - Par Bul - Gyi Leg - Zhe - Nay Without any sense of loss I offer this collection, Du g - Sum Rang - Sar Drol - War Jin - Gyi - Lob Please accept it with pleasure and bless me with freedom from the three poisons.

20. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 19 29 . Gar - Ma Here is the goddess of dance 30 . Me - Tog - Ma Here is the goddess of flowers 31 . Dug - Po - Ma Here is the goddess of incense 32 . Nang - Se l - Ma Here is the goddess of light 33 . Dri - Chab - Ma Here is the goddess of perfume Top Ring 34 . Nyi - Ma Da - Wa 35 . Here is the sun; Here is the moon 36 . Rin - Po - Che Dug Here is the umbrella of all that is precious 37 . Chog - Lay Nam - Par Gyal - Way Gyal - Tsa n Here is the banner of victory in all directions U - Su Lha - Dang Mi - I Päl - Jor Pun - Sum Tsog - Pa Ma - Tsang Wa - Me - Pa In the centre are all the possessions precious to gods and men . Tsang - Zhing Yi - Du Wong - Wa Di - Dag This magnificent collection, lacking in nothing Drin - Chen Tsa - Way Dang - Gyu - Par Chay Pay I offer to you, all the holy glorious and kind root Päl - Den La - Ma Dam - Pa Nam - Dang Kye - Par Du - Yang and lineage Gurus, and particular to Nyam - Mey Sha - kya Gyal Poi Lord Shakyamuni Lha - Tsog Kor - Dang Chay - Pa Together with the assembly of Gods

26. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 25 Atisha , upholder of this great vehicle, who sees the profundity of dependent arising; Drom Rinpoche, elucidator of this good path; to these two ornaments of the world I make request Ten - Drel Zab - Mo Je - Shin Zig - Pa Yi Shing - Ta Chen - Po Sol - Dzin Mar - May Dzay Lam - Zang Sol - Dzay Ton - Pa Rin - Po Che Dz am - Ling Gyan - Gyur Nyi - La Sol - Wa Deb Long Life P rayer for His Holiness Dalai Lama In the land encircled by snowy mountains You are the source of all happiness and good All powerful Chenrezig, Tenzin Gyatso Please remain until Samsara ends Gang - Ri Ra - Wa Kor - Way Zhi n g - Kam Dir Pe n - Dang De - Wa Ma - Lu J ung - Way Na y Chen - Re - Zig Wang Ten - Z in Gya - Ts o Yi Z hab - Pa y Si - T h ay Bar - Du Te n - Gyur Chi g

28. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 27 I request respectfully, my Precious and Holy Guru, to enjoy excellent health; I request respectfully, my Precious and Holy Guru, to live a long life; I request respectfully, my Precious and Holy Guru, That your Dharma activities spread and flourish far and wide; I request respectfully, my Precious and Holy Guru, To bless me to be never separated from you. La - Ma Ku - Kham Sang - La Sol - Wa Deb Chog - Tu Ku - Tse Ring - La Sol - Wa Deb T rin - Lae Dar - Shing Gye - La Sol - Wa Deb La - Ma Dang - Dral Wa - Med - Par Jin - G yi Lab - Tu - Sol In all my future rebirths, M ay I never be separated from my Perfect Guru; May I enjoy the magnificent Dharma; And by completing the qualities of the stages and path; May I quickly attain the state of Vajradhara. Kye - Wa Kun - Tu Yang - Dag La - Ma Dang Dral - Me Cho - Kyi Pal - La Long - Cho Ching Sa - Dang Lam - Gyi Yon - Ten Rab - Zog Ne Dor - Je Chang - Gi Go - P ang Nyur - Thu b Shog

7. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 6 ultimate peace to vibrate and be gathered in. With your enlightened mind of great vajra passion, You grant the supreme of all things desired — the two kinds of siddhis; And with your great vajra hooks and lassoes You bind the world of appearance and existence in great bliss. Dancers in the play of th e limitless net of illusion, Who fill space to over flowing, like a vast outpouring of sesame seeds, * Vast array of the Three Roots, hosts of magnetizing deities, In devotion we pray to you: inspire us with your blessings, Grant us attainments, ordinary and supreme, and so the siddhi o f magnetizing, without obstruction, whatever we desire! ( * Recite the last verse 3 times) The Great Cloud of Blessings (Tibetan) Om Ah Hung Hri h ! De - Chen Bar - W a Wang - Gi Pho - Drang Du De - Tong So - Sor Tog - Pay Ye - She Ku Ma - Chag De - Dhen Pad - May Rang - Shen Lay Dor - Je Nyi - Ma Nang - Wa Chen - Po Pal Choe - Ku Nang - Wa Tha - Yay Dor - Je Cho Jig - Ten Wang - Chuk T ug - Jey Jey - Chug S h ug Pad - Ma Gyal - Po Khor - Dhey Nga - Wang Gyur Nang - Sid Sil - N ö a n Wang - Chen Hey - Ru Ka

29. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 28 Dedication By this virtue may I quickly Attain the state of Guru Buddha, and then Lead every being without exception To that very state! Ge - Wa Di - Yi Nyur - Du Dag La - Ma Sang - Gye Drup - Gyur Ney Dro - Wa Chig - Kyang Ma - Lue Pa Kye - Kyi Sa - La Go - Par Shog May the most precious and Supreme Bodhicitta awakening mind which has not been generated, now be generated, May the Precious Mind of Bodhicitta which has been generated never decline, but always increase! Jang - Chub Sem - Chog Rin - Po Che Ma - Kye Pa - Nam Kye - Gyur Chig Kye - Pa Nyam - Pa Me - Par Yang Gong - Ne Gong - Du Pal - War Shog By this virtue may all beings Complete the heaps of merit and wisdom Winning both the holy kayas Which arise from merit and wisdom Ge - Wa Di - Yi Kye - Wo Kun So - Nam Ye - She Tsok - Dzok Shing So - Nam Ye - She La - Jung Way Dam - Pay Ku - Nyi Top - Par Shog

27. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 26 Long Life P rayer for Singha Thubten Namdrol Rinpoche Om Svas t i ! Like the countless light rays that radiate from the ruby mountain; Exquisite Amitayus, Lord of Everlasting Life, who captivates and one does not tire of seeing; Whose essence is of infinite life, T he nectar of immortality; Please instantly grant our Guru , The Siddhi of Stable and Everlasting Life. Om Svas t i ! Pad - Rab Lhun - Poi O - ser Bum - Tro Tar Rab - Ze Ta - Wai Mi - Ngom Tse - Pak Me Chi - Med Du - Tsi Bum - Gyi Che - Chuk Pa T ak - Ten Dro - Wai Ngo - Po Deng - Dhir Tsol You are intelligent and skilful in upholding the traditions Of Buddha; Spreading the Holy Dharma through explanations and practices; In order to lead disciples onto the path to liberation; You are the one who is an Unequalled Guide, Please live a long and stable life. Gang - Lo Thub - Pay Ring - L ug Zin - Khe Pa Shed - Dang Drup - Pay Ten - Pa Pel - Wa Dang Dul - Ja Nam - Drol Lam - Du God - Pa La Dr en - Pay Da - Dral Chog - Tu Shab - Ten Shog

10. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 9 Taking Refuge and G enerating B odhicitta ( x 3 ) To the Buddha, Dharma and Aryan Sangha, I go for refuge until I am enlightened. By the merit of giving and other perfection’s may I attain Buddhahood for the sake of benefiting all mother sentient beings! Sang - Gye Cho - Dang Tsog - Kyi Chog - Nam La Jang - Chub Bar - Du Dag - Ni Ky ab - Su Chi Dag - Gi Jin - Sog Gyi - Pe So - Nam Kyi Dro - La Pe n - Chir Sang - Gye Drub - Par Shog The Four Immeasurable Thoughts (Short Version) May all sentient beings achieve extraordinary superior happiness! May all sentient beings be free from the unbearable sea of suffering! May all sentient beings never be parted from the bliss of supreme liberation! May all sentient beings be free of all bias, attachment and anger to near ones and aversion to others! Sem - Chen Tam - Che Day - Wa - Dang Day - Way - Gyu - Dang Den - Par - Gyur - Chig Sem - Chen Tam - Che Dug - Ngel - Dang Dug - Ngel - Kyi Gyu - Dang Dra l - War Gyur - Chig Sem - Chen Tam - Che Dug - Ngel May - Pay Day - Wa - Dang Mi - Dra l - War Gyur - Chig Sem - Chen Tam - C h e Nye - Ring Chag - Dang Nyi - Dang Dra l - Way Dang Nyom - La Nay - Par Gyur - Chig

18. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 17 Long Mandala Offering Om Ah Hung (3 times) Om Bendza Bhu - Mi Ah - Hung O m Vajra G round Ah H ung Wang - Chen Ser - Gyi Sa - Zhi Here Is The Mighty And Powerful Base Of Gold Om Benza Re - Ke Ah - Hu ng O m Vajra F ence Ah H ung Chi - Chag Ri - Kor Yug - Gi Kor - Wai U - Su The Outer Ring Is Encircled With This Iron Fence First ring 1. Ri - Gyäl Po - Ri Rab In the centre, the king of mountains, Mount Meru 2 . Shar Lu - Pag - Po In the east, the continent Purvavideha 3 . Lho Dzam - Bu - Ling In the south, Jambudvipa 4 . Nub Ba - Lang - Chö In the west, Aparagodaniya 5 . Jang Dra - Mi - Nyän In the north, Uttarakuru 6 . Lu - Dang Lu - Pag 7. Around the east, the sub - continents Deha and Videha 8 . Nga - Yab - Dang Nga - Yab - Zhän 9 . Around the south, Camara and Aparacamara 10. Yo - De n - Dang Lam - Chog - Dro 11. Around the west, Satha and Uttaramantrin 12. Dra - Mi - Nyen - Dang Dra - Mi - Nyen Gyi Da 13 . Around the north, the sub - continents Kura and Kaurava 14 . Rin - Po - Che Ri - Wo In the east is the treasure mountain

24. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 23 La - Ma Ton - Pa Chom - Dan - Day Day - Zhin Sheg - Pa Dra Chom - Pa Yang Dag - Pa Dzog - Pay Sang - Gye Pal - Gyal - Wa Shakya Tup - Pa - La Chag Tsal - Ching Kyap - Su - Chi - Wo Cho - Do Jin - Gyi Lap - Tu - Sol Mantra Recitation and Visualiz ation Tayatha Om Muni Muni Maha Muni Ye Soha . (x 7 ) Om Muni Muni Maha Muni Ye Soha (x 21 or 108 ) G olden rays from the Buddha enter into all sentient beings and oneself . Everyone feel happiness, relief and liberation as negativity, obscurations, bad karma and spirit harms are purified. Requesting Inspiration Glorious and precious Root Guru, sit upon the lotus and moon seat on my crown. Guiding me with your great kindness, bestow upon me the attai nments of your body, speech and mind Pal - Den Tsa - Way La - Ma Rin - Po Che D ag - Gi Chi - Wor Pay - Day Teng - Zhug La Ka - Drin Chen - Po Go - Nay Je - Zung Te K u - Sung Tug - Kyi Ngo - Drub Tsal - Du Sol

25. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 24 Buddha, unequalled teacher and guide; Venerable protector Maitreya, his successor; Superior Asanga, prophesised by Buddha, to you three Buddhas and bodhisattvas I make request D ren - Pa Nyam - May Ton - Pa Chom - Den Day Gyal - Tsab Dam - Pa Je - Tsun Mi - Pam Gon G yal - Way Lung - Ten Pag - Pa Tog - May Zhab Sang - Gye Jang - Sem Sum - La Sol - Wa Deb Serlingpa, who found the heart of Bodhi; Atisha, upholder of the great vehicle; Drom Rinpoche, elucidator of the good path; to you three pillars of the doctrine I make request Ja ng - Chub Tug - La Nga - Nye Ser - Ling Pa Shing - Ta Chen - Po Sol - Dzin Mar - May Dzay Lam - Zang Sel - Dzay Ton - Pa Rin - Po Che Ten - Pay Sog - Shing Sum - La Sol - Wa Deb Buddha, head of the Shakya clan, the foremost guide, peerless in expounding empti ness; Manjushri, embodiment of the Buddha’s complete wisdom, exalted Nagarjuna, best of the Superiors who see the profound meaning, to you three crowning jewels of clear ex position I make request. Ma - Wa Da - May Dren - Chog Shak - Yay Tog G yal - Way Kyen - Rab Kun - Du Jam - Pay Yang Zab - Mo Don - Zig Pag - Chog Lu - Dru b Zhab Ma - Way Tsug - Gyen Sum - La Sol - Wa Deb

12. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 11 Rejoicing and R emembering the Benefit’s of B odhicitta Now that my life has been given meaning, T his human life has been made worthwhile. Today, I am born into the family of the Buddha’s line; I have now become a Buddha’s child ! From now on, by every possible means I must act in accordance wi th this lineage, so that I will never disgrace this flawless and pure noble lineage! De ng - Du Dak - Tse De - Bu Yo Mi - Yi Si - Pa Lek - Pa Top De - Ring Sang - Gye Rig - Su Kye Sang - Gye Sa y - Su D a - Gyur To Da - Nyi Dak - Gi Chi - Ney Kyang Rig - Dang Tun - Pay Ley - Tsam Te Ky on - May Ts un - Pe R ik - De La Nyok - Pa r Mi - Gyur De - Tar Ja Purifying the P lace Om Ah Hung (x 3 ) Everywhere may the ground be pure, free of the roughness of pebbles and so forth. May it be the nature of lapis lazuli and as smooth as the palm of one’s hand. Tam - Chay Du - Ni Sa - Zhi Dag Se g - Ma La - Sog May - Pa Dang Lag - Til Tar - Nyam Bay - Dur Ye Rang - Zhin Jam - Por Nay - Gyur Chig

11. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 10 Aspirational Bodhicitta Prayer To free all sentient beings from the fears of samsara and nirvana . From now on, until I achieve Buddhahood, I shall maintain the aspiration of Bodhicitta. Never forsaking it even at the cost of my life. Dro - Kun Si - Zhi Jig - Pa Lay - Drol Chir Dzok - Pay Jang - Chub Top - Par Do - Pay Sem Deng - Nay Zung - Te Sang - Gye Ma - Top Bar Sok - Kyi Chir - Yang Mi - Tang Zung - War Gyi Engaging Bodhicitta Prayer (x 3 ) Gurus, Conquerors and your children, I request you, “Please listen to me! Just as the Sugatas of the past generated bodhicitta and practised the bodhisattva paths by the stages and abiding in proper places, I too, for the sake of all sentient beings generate bodhicitta and shall practice in proper order, the bodhisattva trainings” La - Ma Gyal - Wa Say - Che Nam Da k - La Gong - Par Dze - Du So l Ji - Tar Ngon - Gyi De - Shek Kyi Jang - Chup Tuk - Ni Kye - Pa Dang Jang - Ch up Sem - Pay Lap - Pa La De - Dak Rim - Zhin Ney - Pa Tar Dak - Kyang Dro - La Pe n - Don Du Jang - Chup Sem - Ni Kye - Gyi Zhing Jang - Chup Sem - Pai Lap - P a La Rim - Pa Zhin - Du Lap - Par Gyi

14. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 13 Invocation (Please kn eel down and recite three times ) Protector of all beings without exceptio n, Divine subduer of all negative forces, Deity, P erfect knower of all things, Bhagavan and attendants, P lease come before us ! Ma - Lu Sem - Chen Kun - Gyi Gon - Gyur Chig Du - Te Pung - Chay Mi - Zay Jom - Dzay Lha N go - Nam Ma - Lu Yang - Dag Kyen - Gyur Pay Ch om - Den Kor - Chay Nay - Dir Sheg - Su Sol The Seven Limbs Prayer Reverently I prostrate with my body, speech and mind, And present clouds of every type of offering, actually offered and mentally transformed. I confess all my negative actions accumulated since beginningless time, And rejoice in the virtues of all holy and ordinary beings. Please remain until samsara ends, And turn the wheel of Dharma for sentient beings. I dedicate all the virtues of others and myself to the great enlightenment. Go - Sum Gu - Pay Go - Nay Chag - Tsal Lo Ngo - Sham Yi - Trul Cho - Trin Ma - Lu Bul Tog - May Ne - Sak Dig - Tung Tam - Che Shag Kye - Pa r Gay - Wa Nam - La r Je - Yi Rang Kor - Wa Ma - Tong Bar - Du Leg - Zhug Nay Dro - Lay Cho - Kyi Kor - Lo r Kor - Wa r Dang Dag - Zhan Gay - Nam Jang - Chub Chen - Por Ngo

4. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 3 wishes. All harmful actions and obscurations will be purified. Both the higher realms and the excellent Buddhahood – all aims will be accomplished. This was said by the supreme victor. This was written on the 3 rd day of the 3 rd month, a Sunday, in the year of the fire monkey. This rose out of the vast mind of Jampal Gyewa’i Dorje (Mip’ham Rinpoche 1846 - 1912). at an auspicious moment. And it is called the Great Garland of Jewels. Translate into English in 2007 by Archarya Dawa Chhodak Rinpoche and Kunzang Dechen Chodron. Praises to the Eight Noble Auspicious Ones (Tibetan) Om ! Nang - Si Nam - Dag Rang - Zin Lhun - Drub Pe Ta - shi Chog Chu Z h ing - Na Zug - Pa Yi Sang - G ye Cho - Dang Ge - Dun P h ag - Pay Tsog Kun - La Chag - Tsal Dag - Chag T a - S hi Shog Drön - Me Gyal - Po Tsal - D en Dön - Drub Gong Jam - Pe Gyen - Pal Ge - Drag Pal - Dam Pa Kun - La Gong - Pa Gya - Ch er Drag - Pa Chen L hun - po Tar - Pag Tsal - Drag Pal - Dang Ni Sem - Chen Tam - Che La - Gong Drag - Pe Pal Yi - Tsim Dze - Pa Tsal - Rab Drag - Pal Te Ts e n - T sam Tho - Pay Ta - Shi Pal - Phel Wa De - War Sheg - Pa Gye - La Chag - Tsal Lo Jam - Pal Shö - Nu Pal - Den Dor - J e Dz in Chen - Re Zig - Wang Gon - Po Jam - Pay Pal Sa - Y i Nying - Po Drib - Pa Nam - Par Sel Nam - Kh a i Nying - Po Pag - Chog Kun - Tu Zang

8. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 7 Sang - Wa Ye - She Ben - Dz a Wa - Ra He D e n - Chog Dhod - Pae Gyal - Po Dhe - Chen Ter Ma - Lue Kya - Gue Yid - Trog Rig - Jed Ma Chog - Thun Chag - Gyae Wang - Chug Dhe - Tong Gar Wang - Zed Dor - Je Pa - Wo Da - Kye Tsog Nang - Tong Nyam - Pa Chen - Poe Ngang - Nyid Du Dor - je Ku - Yi Gar - Gyi Sid - Sum Yo Gag - Ma y Sung - Gi Shad - Dray Kham - Sum Gug Wo - Ser Mar - Poe Khor - Dhay Yong - La Kyab Si - Sh e Dang - Chud Yo - Shing Dhud - Par Jed Dor - Je Chag - Pa Chen - Poe Thug - Kyi Ni Nam - Nyi Ngo - Drup Dhod - Gue Chog - Tsol Shing Dor - J e Chag - Kyu Shag - Pa Chen - Po Yi Nang - Si D e - Wa Chen - Po Dhom - Jed Pa Tha - Yay Gyu - Trul Dra - Way Rol - Gar Chen Til - Gyi Gong - Pu Chay - Wa Shin - Shug Pe * Rab - Jam Tsa - Sum Wang - Gi Lha - Tsog La Gue - Pay Sol - Wa D eb - So Jin - Gyi Lob Chog - Thun Ngo - Drup Dho - Gue Pal - Tha Dak Thog - Mey Wang - Du Jey - Pe Ngo - Drup - Tsol ( * Recite the last verse 3 times)

5. Morning And Shakyamuni Buddha Prayers 4 Ut - Pal Dor - je Pe - Kar Lu - Shing Dang Nor - Bu Da - Wa Ral - Dri Nyi - Ma Yi Chag - Tsen Leg - Nam Ta - Shi Pal - Gyi Chog Chang - Chub Sem - Pa Gyed - La Chag - Tsal Lo Rin - Chen Dug - Chog Ta - Shi Ser - Gyi Nya Do - Jung Bum - Zang Yid - Ong Ka - Ma La Nyen - Drag Dung - Dang Phun - Tsog Pal - Be U Mi - Nub Gyal - Ts en Wang - Gyur Khor - Lo Te Rin - Chen Tag - Chog Gye - Kyi Chag - Tsen Chen Cho - Du Gyal - Wa Chod - Ching Gye - Kye Ma Geg - Sog Ngo - Wo Dren - Pe Pal - Pel Way Ta - Shi Lha - Mo Gye - La Chag - Tsal Lo Tsang - Pa Chen - Po De - Jung Sed - Med Bu Mig - Tong Den - Dang Gyal - Po Yul - Khor Sung Phag - Ky e Po - Dang Lu - Wang Mig - M i Zang Nam - Tho Say - Te Lha - Ze Khor - Lo Dang Tri - Shu La - Dang Dung - Thung Dor - J e Chen Pi - Wam Ral - Dri Chod - Ten Gyal - Tsen Zin Sa - Sum Ne - Su Ge - Leg Ta - S hi Pel Jig - Ten Kyong - Wa Gye - La Chag - T sal Lo * Dag - Chag Deng - Dir Ch a - Wa Tsom - Pa La Ge g - Dang Nye - War Tse - Wa Kun - S hi Nay Dö - Don Pal - Phel Sam - Don Yi - Zhin Drub Ta - Shi De - Leg Pun - Sum Tsog - Par Shog! ( * Recite the last verse 3 times)


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